V3 Gaming Computer Processor Overclocking Service The computers we sell are really fast. For the normal person they are plenty fast enough for everything. But, let’s face it, we’re gamers, we’re not normal people. That’s why at V3 we offer Launch Control on all of our desktop systems. Launch Control is a free overclocking service through which we will tweak the settings on your computer to make the components run faster than they’re supposed to and maintain 100% stability.

NVIDIA SLI Technology and 3D Vision Surround The thing about NVIDIA 3D Vision technology that you don't always hear about is how it takes a toll on your computer. In fact, simply enabling 3D Vision in a game puts twice the load on your graphics card. So what do we do to combat this? Use more than one graphics card, of course! Enable 3D with no consequential performance hit, and hook up a couple of extra monitors while you're at it. NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround and SLI technology brings the best gaming experience possible to the Convoy 3DS.

Central Processing Unit Silicon Die Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 and i7 processor technology is in every way at the cutting edge of computing. Intel’s TurboBoost technology 2.0, as well as four immensely powerful processing cores with Hyper-Threading makes sure that every single thing you do on your computer gets done as quickly as possible. No joke ? 2G Core i7 processors are damn quick.

Processor Liquid Cooling System Having all of the latest technology in your computer is great, but things can quickly go awry when all of that silicon starts to heat up. To keep temperatures in check and your system running smoothly, we use Asetek Liquid-Cooling solutions. Asetek LCLC is Thermal Management done right.

Processor Liquid Cooling System The latest in connectivity interfaces allow data to be transferred at unprecedented speeds. USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gbps standards offer significant improvemnts over their predecessors, and both of them are supported on V3 Gaming PC computers.