When you think about bringing your computer somewhere, you automatically think about bringing your notebook PC. It's understandably hard to imagine lugging around your huge desktop tower when going to a friend's house or a LAN event. Well, at V3 Gaming PC we have just the thing for people who want a desktop PC on the go - the Move 3DS.

The only water-cooled small form factor PC of its kind, Move 3DS does away with the heat limitations presented by other small computers. You can use full-on desktop-grade parts and not have to worry about heat issues, and you don't have to sacrifice on connectivity or features either. Move 3DS sports blazing-fast 802.11n Wireless connectivity, Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, and support for NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology. It doesn't get any smaller or any more cutting-edge than this, ladies and gents.