When big-screen TV's first came out, they seemed pretty huge. Nowadays we are jaded to the point where anything less than 1080p and 42" seems downright small. The real reason for this is that when we watch TV we sit fairly far away from the screen, so everything seems smaller. On a laptop computer, however, you are pretty dang close. The 17", 1080p screen on the V3 Gaming PC Avid notebook is awe inspiring, and so is the hardware inside.

Powered by 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 mobile processors and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 680M graphics card, the AVID gaming notebook brings true desktop performance and functionality to the notebook world. Playing games at 1080p with the richest visual effects enabled on a screen that is about 2 feet from your face is an amazing experience. Watching Blu-ray movies and other HD content is is pretty amazing too. Gaming, media, productivity - all of these are enhanced on our Avid notebook.