You know when you're in the middle of moving, and you carry stuff down to the truck? You know how you always have to make a special trip for your desktop computer? Well, the V3 Gaming PC Move is not big enough or heavy enough to warrant its own trip - and that's a good thing. The Move is small, light, and fast - perfect for people on the go.

The Move is the smallest liquid-cooled desktop gaming PC on the market, which means you can sleep easy knowing your system is not going to overheat (or be so loud that it keeps you awake at night). Move comes equipped with all of the latest features you would expect from a high-end computer, including built-in 802.11n wireless connectivity and USB 3.0. The Move is powered by AMD Phenom II processors and AMD Radeon graphics on an AMD-based motherboard, which means you can unlock the advantages of AMD's Fusion and OverDrive utilities. Have multiple monitors? ATI Eyefinity offers the most elegant multi-monitor solution there is. Show up to a LAN Party with a Move, and you instantly become the coolest person in the room.