The computers we sell are really fast. For the normal person they are plenty fast enough for everything. But, let’s face it, we’re gamers, we’re not normal people. That’s why at V3 we offer Launch Control on all of our desktop systems. Launch Control is a free overclocking service through which we will tweak the settings on your computer to make the components run faster than they’re supposed to and maintain 100% stability.

Nowaday the size of your computer monitor or monitors can make a huge difference in how good you are at a game. That extra field of vision in a first person shooter can mean the difference between seeing a bad guy and being dead. AMD Radeon graphics cards including the Radeon HD 6870 support ATI Eyefinity technology, which provides seamless, elegant multi-monitor support for ultra-high resolutions.

It is pretty nice to have no limits. You can put ANY AMD AM3-compatible processor in the Move, inlcuding the latest Phenom II X6 1090T Hex-core processor. You can opt to use our V3 Launch Control service to overclock your processor, or you can let AMD Turbo Core take over and boost performance automatically.

Having all of the latest technology in your computer is great, but things can quickly go awry when all of that silicon starts to heat up. This is especially problematic in small form factor PC's like the Move. However, we've been able to customize the Move chassis to incorporate liquid cooling from Asetek, so all-of-a-sudden heat becomes a non-issue. Asetek LCLC is Thermal Management done right.